Unlike any tryout you are used to, prospective #LKN players will be individually evaluated and tested with our proprietary eval system. We use a combination of  top-flight trainers/coaches and the latest baseball technology including Rapsodo, Blast Motion, PitchAware and more to evaluate each player. Prospective Players will have their metrics compared to players at the varsity, collegiate, and Division 1 levels which allows athletes to set goals for themselves in the future.

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ambassador program


Each #LKN team will be connected to two collegiate players that have previously played in our program. These collegiate “role-models” will be there to field any questions players may have regarding the physical or mental side of the game as well as the recruiting process. There will also be weekly discussion topics in which LegKickNation players and their “roll-models” are able to interact.

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ALL of our teams are coached by former college and professional baseball players. Our coaches focus on development that is so desperately needed with our younger players while prioritizing exposure/recruitment with our older ones . We have developed relationships with hundreds of college coaches not only in the Northeast but around the country.

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national program


Our #LKN teams will play a highly competitive regional and national program.

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